About the Institute for Professional Psychology Studies

The Institute for Professional Psychology Studies (IPPS) was initially established as an organizational vehicle to support and provide overview and direction for the Professional School of Psychology (PSP). Incorporated as a C-Corp, IPPS purchased PSP in 1986 and continues to own this unique and successful graduate school as it continues to provide Masters and Doctoral Degree education in psychology to mature and accomplished adults.

In recent years, IPPS has expanded its range of support and activities by establishing two organizations that operate at the cutting edge of two major domains of psychology and the human services: (1) leadership and professional coaching and (2) life-long human development and family permanence.  IPPS is also initiating new programs and research initiatives associated with the expanding field of health psychology. Over the past decade, in association with PSP, IPPS has also played a central role in the establishment of two digital libraries: the Library of Professional Coaching and the Library of Professional Psychology.

Board of Directors

Chair of the Board: Agnes Mura


Agnes Mura, M.A. M.C.C.Agnes Mura is an international Master Certified Coach to executives, entrepreneurs and consulting companies. She has special expertise in coaching leaders through successful cultural adjustments of all types, including changes in location or geographic reach, integration into new corporate or departmental cultures, and how to successfully shift the culture of a function or a department. She was a founding director of the Professional Coaches and Mentors Association and is prominent in the coaching community as an expert practitioner and advocate of the profession.

Agnes also serves on the board of Aircastle LLC, a billion-dollar NYSE-traded company. Agnes is an experienced and globally focused leadership coach who inspires and develops Fortune 500 corporate executives from Europe to Latin America. Fluent in six languages, Ms. Mura has also mediated among diverse peoples and cultures. She is currently coaching in English, Spanish and German. Ms. Mura is a coach and partner to leaders who deal with the complexities, uncertainties and turbulences of today’s global business world – while having to deliver ever better business results. She understands organizational (and national) cultures and how best to navigate them.

Board Member: William Bergquist

Board Member: Christopher Browne

Board Member: Dan Brace