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Ash Point Center for the Study and Enhancement of Human Development


Ash Point CenterMission

The Ash Point Center is founded to advance our knowledge of the many dimensions of human development throughout the lifespan of individuals and families, who are facing the unique challenges found in many different cultural and socio-economic settings.

It is founded to engage researchers, scholars, teachers and advocates operating in the domain of individual development and personality, and in the domain of family development and permanence. Knowledge is to be advanced by those participating in the Ash Point Center through critical reflections on the nature and dynamics of both personal and family-based interventions.



  • The Men and Women of Autumn: Research (interviewing and review of literature) on women and men during the late midlife.
  • Generativity: Research on the four ways in which deep caring (generativity) are engaged throughout life.
  • The Sage Project: exploration of the developmental opportunities and challenges facing men and women during the final third of their life
  • The Human Spectrum: an integrative model of personality styles
  • The Three Tier Assessment Project: Self-Assessment, Peer-Assessment and Organizational Culture Assessment of Personal and Interpersonal Styles
  • The New Johari Window: A multi-dimensional model of interpersonal relationships
  • The Couples Journey: Exploration of intimate, enduring relationships
  • Adoption and Permanence: Studying and providing training with regard to the complex dynamics involved in adoption and establishing/maintaining family permanence


Accomplishments to Date

  • The Sage Project: major project on senior leadership completed, with 100 interviews being conducted in Nevada County California (2012); two books published: (1) The Sages Among Us (2013) and (2) The Men of Autumn (2014). Quarterly digital magazine (“Sage”) based on the 100 interviews (now in second year of publication)
  • The Human Spectrum: three articles published in the Library of Professional Psychology
  • The Three Tier Assessment Project: three tier assessment tools available and being widely used in the areas of interpersonal preference (base on the work of Karen Horney), interpersonal needs (based on the work of Will Schutz) and personality style (based on the work of Carl Jung) [formally the Center for Personal and Organizational Assessment. see Appendix A].
  • The New Johari Window: eight articles published in the Library of Professional Psychology and Library of Professional Coaching; book to be published in 2016.
  • The Couples Journey I: 75 interviews completed with long-term couples (2012); nine articles published on enduring intimate relationship based on the interviews in the Library of Professional Psychology; book to be published in 2016.
  • The Couple Journey II: four articles written regard couples development based on biblical (Torah/Old Testament) accounts of four founding couples, published in the Library of Professional Psychology


Planned Activities

  • Adoption competency certification program.
  • Highly interactive and experientially-rich enrichment workshops for couples, based on the research regarding the ingredients inherent in enduring, intimate relationships.