Library of Professional Psychology

The Library of Professional Psychology (LPP) is an internet based growing collection of documents focusing on the challenging practice of professional psychology.

Articles posted in this library range over many topics – from brief psycho-biographical essays that allow us to view moments in the lives of men and women from many different cultures, to extended analyses regarding complex personal, organizational, societal and cultural dynamics. Some of the articles offer practical suggestions and relevant insights while others encourage questions, inviting reflection and the opportunity to challenge established psychological principles and practices.

We hope that our library serves as a valuable, free, Internet-based source of information for you about professional psychology. LPP is an easily searchable database of trusted, high-caliber, peer-reviewed content. As the co-curators of this library, we are committed to making every article in The Library of Professional Psychology evocative of dialog. We are  offering in our collection of documents not only the cutting edge of psychological concepts but also a diversity of perspective that does justice to the global intellectual community in which we now live.