Coaching Symposia

  • When did you last observe masterful coaching sessions in live action?
  • Do you know what your clients really think about your coaching process? Would you like to receive such feedback live?
  • When you are coaching, how many voices are in your head? Do they always agree? Let’s hear them talk to each other, so that your awareness and proficiency can grow.

Two Advanced Symposia

Each one exclusively open to 15 executive coaches

Distinctive, intimate experiential learning events only for experienced professional coaches.  No keynote speakers. No passive sitting in a large meeting room listening to experts speaking about their own coaching strategies and successes.

  • Symposium participants engage in live coaching with organizational clients;
  • We hear the clients’ candid comments regarding the coaching process and their cases;
  • Coaches debrief the coaching strategies and approaches they observed;
  • Client issues are also processed from a consulting perspective that is integrated with the coaching insights to generate more complete client solutions;
  • Clients and coaches discuss the results from a recent Survey of coaching practices, and its professional implications for coaches and coach trainers.
  • Participants experiment with the “Balint Method”, which has been used for many years by physicians in their development, and which has recently been pioneered with powerful effect for professional coaches.

This work generates candid reflections from both coaches and clients, in an environment that is

Competent and supportive
A marketing-free zone
An appreciative atmosphere
An intimate setting for introspection
Spacious, aesthetic and conducive to informal exchanges

Co-creation is not just reserved for client interactions. To model that experience, participants will provide feedback to the facilitators throughout the symposium, to keep creating a better event for everyone.

Schedule and Activities

Each symposium will begin on a Tuesday evening and conclude by early afternoon on Friday. Activities will range from live coaching with invited clients (and post-coaching discussions among the participants and clients) to sessions during which specific coaching issues are explored through extended dialogue (based on results from recently completed Development of Coaches Survey). We also engage the “Balint Method”, enabling specific symposium participants to work in a unique and highly interactive manner with other participants regarding specific coaching challenges.


The registration fee for these three day symposia is $545 (with an early bird discount of $145 up to 60 days before each event). Participants will be staying at a picturesque bed-and-breakfast inn at each event, with the cost of each inn being between $360-480 for three nights and breakfasts ($120-160 per night). Additional meal costs will be nominal.

Symposium Facilitators

William Bergquist, Ph.D.

Professor and professional coach for more than 40 years in 30 countries throughout the world. President of The Professional School of Psychology (United States). Author of 50 books about human and organizational development, co-founder of the International Journal of Coaching in Organizations and the Library of Professional Coaching.

Agnes Mura, M.A.

Master Certified Coach, working worldwide for 20 years in six languages. Former finance executive, current corporate board member, co-author of coachbook, consultbook, and Ten Themes and Variations for Postmodern Leaders and their Coaches, co-founder of International Consortium for Coaching in Organizations, president of the Santa Fe Institute for Advanced Organizational Studies.

Dates and Locations

The two symposia will be held at beautiful locations — at the center of Southwestern US culture (Santa Fe, New Mexico) and in a seaside village in New England (Harpswell, Maine). The schedule for each symposium provides ample opportunity for personal time and interaction. Each location invites wandering, pondering and in-depth informal conversations. A special dinner complemented by local entertainment is scheduled for Wednesday night at each symposium.

Santa Fe Southwest ConversationThe Santa Fe Southwest Conversation

Santa Fe New Mexico: March 28-31, 2017

Maine Coast ConversationThe Maine Coast Conversation

Harpswell, Maine: May 2-5, 2017

Reservations for each symposium will be accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis, with each symposium being limited to 15 participants.

Registration Form

Dates of Symposium:

Amount: $545 (early bird discount 60 days before is $400)