Other Projects

The Ironic Organization

A book written by William Bergquist regarding the nature and dynamics of postmodern organizations has been identified as one of the seminal books in the establishment of a “postmodern” school of organizational theory (William Bergquist, The Postmodern Organization, San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1992).  In collaboration with Santa Fe Center, Bergquist is preparing an updated version of this book, incorporating not only postmodern philosophy and theories of literature and art, as well as system and chaos theory, but also the philosophical perspectives offered by Richard Rorty and the contemporary scientific theories of complexity and emergence.

The Don Quixote Project

Making use of concepts from clinical psychology regarding the nature and dynamics of personal narcissism and narcissism in family systems, the Ash Point Center is currently involved in the preparation of essays that describe ways in which organizational systems and their leaders can be narcissistic (particularly with regard to the downgrading of employee interests and the dominance of projections on those who lead the organization. As in the case of Cervantes’ Don Quixote, what happens when the leader faces his/her own image in the mirror (encounters reality via systemic feedback)? What role might be played by an executive coach?